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Chip Tray Poker Scanner With Romote Controller

Although the chip tray is a normal item product, it also can be installed a mini spy camera into it to read  marked cards. So the chip tray can be regarded as a poker cheating device. The covert camera lens has be fixed inside the chip tray secretly to scan the side marked cards. Now, I will specify it in poker games.
The chip tray camera is very useful and secret in poker games. It has a good concealment at poker cheat because other players will not  find any flaw from the chip tray. In addition, it is a HD camera and enjoys a good position to scan the side marked cards. In poker games, the chip tray has a power to scan the marked cards speedily and accurately, and then will send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer decoding. It is available for any kind of poker analyzers. Meanwhile, all poker playing games is suitable for this camera like Texas Holdem, Omaha and Blackjack. The chip tray covert camera can be set one-to-one for the poker analyzer so that the signal of cards is only for this camera reading.
If you want to have a good camera for your poker analyzer, the chip tray covert camera is an excellent choice for you. Just believe it
will bring much surprise to you.