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Chip Tray Scanner For Poker Cheating

The chip tray is very commonly used to hold poker chips. This kind of casino tool can be servered well as a poker cheat device to help you win safely in poker games. Now, I will introduce the chip tray scanning camera lens for your Texas cheat.
First of all, there is a mini camera lens hidden inside the chip tray and the mini size of the spy camera will not arouse others’ suspect. The chip tray scanning camera lens enjoys a good position to scan marked playing cards clearly at any angle. Last, the most important one is that the camera can be for Texas cheat. Together with barcode marked cards and poker analyzer, the camera can finish the functions of reading the barcode marked cards and send the signal to poker analyzer smoothly. Finally, the poker analyzer will report the Texas result to you.
With the help of HD camera lens, the camera will scan poker cards with 100% accuracy. If you use poker analyzer system in your Texas poker cheat, the chip tray scanning camera lens is a good choice for you. More information from cards999!