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Cigarette Box Playing Cards Scanning Camera Lens For Poker Analyzer

When playing poker games in casino or private poker club and other places, cigarette boxes can be read commonly as many people like smoking in poker games.
Our skillful technicians can installed hidden playing cards scanning camera lenses into the cigarette boxes perfectly and no one can find any difference from their appearances. this magic playing card scanning camera lens can be used in many kinds of poker card games, like Texas Holdem, Omaha, Baccarat and so on, no matter what place you put it, once the marked cards with invisible ink barcode markings at the sides and are shuffled into its scanning range, it can read the barcode signal and pass them to the poker analyzer, quickly, you can hear the accurate poker game result via mini earpiece.
Due to the perfect procession, no one can find any difference from the cigarette playing cards scanning camera lenses. it can keep working long as 3 hours with fast speed, high accuracy and powerful ability.