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Cigarette lighter Scanner For Barcode Marking Cards

With the help of our lighter reader for bar codes and rummy tiles you can create amazimg magic tricks, simple and easy. The whole system is wireless, with maximum portability and easy to use.
The main advantage of this system is that you can control it from a distance of 100 meters open field and 30 meters through walls.
Use your magic skills with the help of our system, to amaze your friends and create unbelievable magic numbers. The remote control can set: zoom in-out, right-left movement. The lighter can read bar coded rummy tiles marked on the side, from a distance of 50 cm. The lighter scans camera  the sides of rummy tiles and sends the information through a intercepting video scanner that can be connected to a TV or laptop.
The information is manually handled by the system operator. Together with your magic assistant you will be able to create the most amazing magic tricks for the most successful parties.The result can be communicated through a discreet communicating system that consists of a modified mobile phone and a micro earpiece completely invisible in the auditory canal.
The scanner is very powerful and it is able to read the mark on the rummy tiles in real time.To whole system requires the collaboration of 2 persons who communicate discreetly for the best results: the magician and he’s magic tricks assistant. The system includes: 1 set of side marked rummy tiles, lighter scan reader and a remote control.