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Common Chip Tray For Casino Games

This is a standard and common chip tray in casino which can put 350 pieces of chips on when play poker games or dices games.
While we are able to improve this chip tray to be gamble cheating products, as we can install a mini
spy camera inside and let it scan sides marking playing cards for poker analyzers.
It can work with any frequencies poker analyzers, such as K3 Samsung poker analyzer, K2 iPhone poker
analyzer, GPS poker analyzer and so on.
As this chip tray camera, we can make single camera or double cameras inside to scan marked cards, as for chip tray double camera, the scanning distance from the camera to cards is 19 - 29cm; while chip tray single camera, it will have more options, such as 6 - 12cm, 10 - 15cm, 15 - 20cm, 20-30cm.
As for battery life, we can make it about 15 hours, that is, this chip tray camera can work about 15 hours.As for the charging, we can make it in that way, that is, when the chip tray camera is working, you also can charge it at the same time One complete will include one piece of chip tray camera, one remote control and one wire charger.