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Computer Poker Analyzer System For Marked Cards

We all know that the barcode marked cards can be read by poker analyzer system, while is there a another way to achieve that? The way to know the poker result without putting something on the table?

Are you bored about that every time you need to take a playing card scanner camera and poker analyzer syetem, if you need to make use of Texas Holdem and Omaha scanner technique? Is it achievable to study the ultimate marked deck of cards on the laptop or computer? Of course!  Here we will make a brief intorduction about it.
Right here, all your annoyance is often solved, simply because we have laptop or computer poker scanning system, that is diverse from the typical poker analyzer and may see all barcode marked playing cards on the table. You also do not need to take infrared marked cards contact lenses, luminous ink marked cards glasses that will see invisible ink, just need to have an earpiece to receive poker result and a partner help you to operate.