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Concealable T-shirt Button Poker Scanning Camera

To avoid arousing suspicion from other poker players, we usually hide our poker camera in common items, like the T-shirt button is one of them.The T-shirt button poker camera, with our HD camera lens, look no different from ordinary buttons. You can fix it on your shirt front or your shirt cuff as you like.The poker camera fixed inside the button is completely concealable and won’t be discovered by other players.
When you use it to poker casino game, keep the T-shirt button 9-21cm from marked poker cards so that the camera can scan the cards clearly. This way, whether the cards are put on table or held in hands, the barcodes can always be scanned by the camera easily, quickly and accurately at any angle.
There are 3 frequency points on the camera, so it can scan barcode marked playing cards for any type of poker analyzers, like AKK K5 and AKK A1or CVK 500, all of which are available from our company.The battery of the camera is rechargeable, having advantage of low power consumption. It can keep supplying power for 4 hours.
The poker camera In addition to T-shirt button, our poker camera can also be hidden in power bank, remote control car key, leather belt, lighter, wallet, watch and many other daily articles.