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Contact Lenses For Marked Playing Cards

We exclusively adopt sandwich technology all over the world to make the contact lens. This technology means we dye the middle layer of the three. So the stain material won't touch your eyes directly,thus your eyes are protected well ,and you are able to wear the lens for 12 hours constantly without any harm.
We use laser technology to dye our stain into the lens , so the stain can stay on the lens over 5 years without fading. Solemn Commitment to our customer : if the stain fades within 5 years we will replace new one for free.(However, it is excluded as for artificial damage which violates application method from our site.)
Cheap contact lenses simply use heat-dye technique to process the contact lens , so the stain can only keep about 2 months.
It uses ordinary polyurethane plastics as the raw material. After only wearing 30 minutes your eyes will feel uncomfortable and turn red.
However our latest product in 2011 : UV contact lens adopt Baushe and Lomb lenses as the raw material, the water content can reach 45%, so it is very comfortable to wear.It can see the secret mark on the cards within 5 meters very clearly , but they will not be able to be detected by the normal eyes. We also provide marked cards and special ink for making marks as well. This our most advanced lens. It surplus all the previous lens products.Our contact lens will not change the color of your eyes.However you can see the ink mark of any colors on cards. The contact Lenses uses UVray UVA280-300nm that works together with the ink.This new technology abandons the out-of-date juice ink technology.