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Contact Lenses To Get Closer To Reality

This type of contact lenses is suitable for lots of clients. It is good at seeing marked cards. Usually, the effect is better
when under white light.
The pupil dot diameter of this contact lenses is 9 mm, so it is difficult for other people to find them.
You can feel free to use them when playing poker games. And besides the contact lenses, you can also try our high-quality invisible playing cards.A lot advantanges we have as followed:
1. More safety than perspective glasses 2. The easiest way to cheat in poker game
3. High quality to see invisible playing cards 4. Can use for all kinds of poker game.
Just followed the Tips:
1. The best suitable situation is under the white light, especially the energy-saving light.
2. Please make sure to wash your hands before wear the contact lenses in case of infecting your eyes.
3. Before playing the poker games with contact lenses, it is better wear the glasses about several hours for adapting.
4. It is better to wear them less than 8 hours per days.
5. Thr best way to save them is keeping them in contact lenses solution.