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Copag Geometric Back Marks Decks For Spy Camera

This kind of marked cards is the latest product to be read by laser spy camera. These marked cards adopt high technology and skills to make, and many cards marking suppliers fail to do this. Used for poker playing games, they are with good concealment so that others can not check them by common poker readers like IR or UV contact lenses. The laser spy camera can read the cards at the distance of 2-5cm or 2-3m. Thus, it can not only meet your short distance poker cheat, but also aid your long distance one. After
the camera lens reads the cards, the information will be sent to a TV on backstage by the transmitter. You will easily see the marks
in TV screen on backstage. Of course, winning will be handled in an easier way.
The Copag Geometric back marked cards are processed for spy camera lens reading. Different from the marked cards for IR/UV readers recognizing, the camera lens can not be read by these readers. Like other poker playing scanner to cheat secretly, the camera lens can be hidden in our routine articles such as a lamp or a belt. Reading the marked cards easily, the spy camera is able to finish its reading function smoothly at a high speed. Then, the information of cards will be sent to a TV on background. From the TV screen, you will read the marks on cards clearly. In the following poker sections, you are able to make a betting sensibly or fold it without any risk.