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Copag 4 PIP Best Marked Playing Cards

If you ever used marked playing cards, you must know that marked juice cards can help a lot in the playing porker game. 4 PIP marked poker cards are one of the helpful maked invisible ink cards to help player to own magic power to win in the poker game.
Like many classic playing poker cards, 4 PIP pokers also colored red and blue in back. The marks on the backside of the 4 PIP playing cards are invisible by people naked eyes, as they are marked with the best invisible ink recipe by refined invisible ink pen or our sophisticated printer machine. The marks usually marked on the middle with big font or four corners with small fonts of 4 PIP playing poker cards. However, compared the two colors, you will find that the marks on the red one will more clearer than the blue one, as the former is more manipulated and the performers always better then the later. There are 55 cards (52 poker cards+3 jokers) included in every deck of 4 PIP magic marked cards.
We also have other marked playing cards for sale, if you are interested in them, we will always online for service.