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Crooked Dice Cheating Devices For Sale

In the original days of street craps, the most popular way to cheat was using some sort of crooked, or loaded dice. Loaded dice are formed with some kind of extra center weight that allows them to consistently fall on certain, clearly advantageous number. This is an attempt to overcome standard probabilities of dice rolls and control the numbers. Other versions of loaded dice have rounded edges, rather than squared off, pointed edges.
These dice are more likely to roll more rather than stop when the edges make contact with the craps table. Typically, loaded dice use some combination of internal weighting and rounded edges. An unsavory player, looking to use crooked dice in a craps game would look for an opportunity to switch the dice in play and replace them with his adjusted dice.
Casinos have taken very precise measures to avoid the use of loaded dice in craps games. First, official casino dice are made from hard, translucent red plastic with razor-crisp straight edges. Any internal tampering would show through the translucent material. Additionally, the dice often will be imprinted with a particular serial number unique to that casino or table. The team of craps table staff, particularly the boxman has the explicit job of making sure the dice remain secure, casino standard and without tampering.