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Crystal Square Ashtray Camera To Read Marking Cards

Crystal Square Ashtray Camera for Poker Cheat. Many people like to smoke while they are playing poker games, which makes ashtray a common item in gambling places and a perfect carrier of poker camera!
Our company has different types of ashtray cameras for sale and this article is mainly about the “ crystal square ashtray” camera.
The crystal ashtray is made of silicon dioxide, transparent and smooth. It’s fashinable and elegant in appearance. Here are the features of the camera fixed inside the ashtray.
1. It’s so concealable that other players won’t discover its existence easily.
2. Large capacity battery goes with the camera, which enables the camera to keep working for 8 hours.
3. The scanning distance of the camera can be 25-40cm, 30-36cm, 50-70cm, 85-100cm, or any other distance you want -- we accept customized service.
A poker camera plays an important role in the success of poker cheat. If you want to buy a really good poker camera to help you achieve success in poker cheat, why not have a try with our crystal square ashtray camera! We have confidence that it won’t disappoint you.