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Good marked playing cards make a huge difference in any poker game. There are two basic types of playing marked cards - plastic and plastic coated (paper) with the main difference being the quality and durability of the cards. Plastic coated cards are paper cards coated in plastic and will not last as long as a 100% plastic card. You can expect plastic coated cards to be good for a tournament or two and you can expect plastic cards to be good for a year or two! You should consider using two decks of cards, of different colors, at each table. This will allow one player to shuffle one deck while the other deck is in use. See my Playing Card Images page for scanned images of playing cards. See my cards999 for my opinions on the most popular playing cards.The type of playing cards you use will have a great impact on your poker game. There is nothing worse than playing poker with bad cards on a bad playing surface. You should probably use one or two decks of plastic playing cards, rather than paper (plastic coated) cards. Plastic cards will last for months or years compared to lasting only one or two tournaments for paper cards.