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CVK 400 All In One Poker Hand Odds Calculator For Sale

Many people like using poker analyzer to help them calculate the poker cards games result in advance, among them, CVK 400 all in one poker hand analyzer is a hot product.
Firstly, when you look at it, it is a real cell phone. It will not cause the attention of other poker players around you. There are two secret mini scanning camera lenses inserted with high privacy inside this poker odds calculator. When you put it on poker table and towards the barcode marked cards. It will give out the game result accurately. Most poker players like playing Texas holdem game. With the help of this wonderful device, the user can know the biggest winner, the rank of all poker players at the table, the first winner and the second winner.
If you want to use a long scanning distance camera, it is also OK. Our CVK 400 all in one poker analyzer device could work together with an extra poker card reader, such as lighter scanning camera, car key poker spy cards reader, cigarette box poker scanner, USB cable playing cards scanner, wallet camera scanning camera lens, wrist watch poker reader, shirt button camera and so on.