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CVK 400 Poker Analyzer System for 5-Cards-Omaha

Omaha is a very popular playing cards game all around the world, there are many kinds of Omaha games, and 5-cards-Omaha is one current type. If you like playing Omaha with 5 cards, our omnipotent CVK 400 poker analyzer system is a excellent 5-cards-Omaha winner predictor.
Firstly, the powerful CVK 400 poker analyzer is an all in one device which no necessary ro work with an extra poker scanner, the secret double scanning camera lens inside can scan longer distance than other normal poker scanning system. Secondly, if the parities in poker games has changing, users can use remote controller to change the setting such as add or reduce number to match the number of players in games at any time. Thirdly, the magic CVK 400 has different frequency points and it means you can choose the one you like to in games, which is nearly unique and others can find it hardly, so it is safer than other older poker analyzer app for you to playing 5-cards-Omaha. Fourthly, CVK 400 Omaha playing cards predictor is a real mobile phone, user can use it to make a phone call and connect to WIFI and surfing internet, so no one will find any problem when you using it in 5 cards Omaha poker games. the CVK 400 poker analyzer software enjoy more faster scanning speed to read the barcode marked deck cards and can predict the 5 cards- Omaha poker games result more accurate and clearer.
With our best CVK 400poker hand analyzer, other players around you must be impressed by your gain.