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CVK 400 Poker Analyzer Works For Texas Holdem And Omaha

As one of the hot sale poker hand analyzer in market currently, CVK 400 poker analyzer device provides fantastic playing experience for all users. Based on CVK 350 poker analyzer, CVK 400 poker analyzer software has more advanced function.
1. 2 playing cards scanning camera lenses inside, can read wider than CVK 350 poker analyzer, and work faster.
2. Mini Bluetooth earpiece of CVK 400 poker odds calculator goes with the set, you can receive the game result within 2 meters from analyzer, more longer than CVK 350 poker winner predictor.
3. CVK 400 poker hand odds calculator can read invisible ink barcode marked cards in both screen up and down, while CVK 350 poker analyzer only can read in screen up.
With these advantages, users can using CVK 400 poker out calculator in playing card games more easier.