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CVK 400 is A Useful Assistant for Many Poker Cards Games

With the development of the process technology, more and more powerful marked cards analyzer coming in and provided many convenient for poker players in playing cards games. CVK 400 poker analyzer is one of the best poker analyzer distributors.
Unlike traditional scanning system, CVK 400 poker analyzer has dual scanning camera lenses, and the scanning distance is more longer and effect are more impressing. CVK 400 poker analyzer system works with invisible barcode marked cards, it looks like a regular cell phone that you can carry it in any occasion and no one will discover its secret. Once the marked barcode deck of cards are shuffling into the scanning scope of the CVK poker analyzer software, it will read the barcode signal on each piece of marked cards fastly, after that, you can received the 100 percent accurate game result such about the ranks of the whole game by hidden mini earphone which put in your ear before the game.
The CVK 400 poker analyzers are very suitable for many kinds of poker cards games, like Texas Holdem, Omaha, Black Jack and others. What is more, it can be used to read all brands of magic marked cards, such as Copag marked barcode cards, KEM marked playing cards, Fournier marked deck of cards, Modiano scanning barcode marked-cards, marked playing cards Bicycle, BEE marked poker cards and so on.
CVK 400 poker analyzer is very easy and convenient to operate and one person can complete all of the control process, do you want to try it?