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CVK 500 Poker Analyzer System for Marked Cards

Poker analyzer plays a very important role to help poker cards players to read the marked playing cards, and our powerful CVK 500 poker analyzer device is one of the top poker scanning system in the market.
First, the magic CVK 500 poker analyzer software has longer scanning distance and the scanning lens is in high definition, it can solve problems such as make wrong report, false report which occurs in others similar products. Second, CVK 500 barcode scanning system is a all in one poker scanning system, it is installed a digital HD scanning camera, which has more longer scanning scope and have higher image recognition, so it can report the poker result faster and more accurate. Third, CVK 500 poker predictor creates two sorts of video image transmission function, it not only can work in traditional 2.4G analog transmission, but also equipped with the newest one to one digital image transmission. No need to work with an extra scanning camera, CVK 500 video poker analyzer can read the marked cards and analyze the most accurate games result of marked playing poker cards.
CVK 500 poker winner predictor is the unique poker analyzer system which outfitted two types of transmission functions, it is very easy to manipulate and can work with all brands of edged barcode marked decks.