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CVK 500 Texas Holdem Scanning System

CVK 500 Texas Holdem scanning system is the latest one for CVK poker analyzers, based on the excellent CVK 350 poker hand analyzer and CVK 400 poker winner predictor, CVK 500 poker Texas Hodlem scanning system keeps the good characteristic of them and develop more magic functions.
CVK 500 Texas Holdem scanning system can provide more wonderful visual experience due to the 5.0 inch screen. What is more, it is an all in one poker hand analyzer, which means it not only can work individually for scanning and analyzing the barcode marked deck cards, but also can work with an extra poker scanner. As we know, some casinos are forbidden to place the items on the poker table, at this time, operating this magic CVK 500 poker analyzer with a long distance playing cards scanning camera, you can get the accurate poker game result easily. No matter you are dealer or poker player, it will be a good choice for you for forecasting the game result.
What is more, this magic CVK 500 Texas Holdem scannign system also can be used in Omaha, Baccarat, Flush or other local poker games.