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CVK 750 Zipper HD Camera For Side Marked Cards

We have always been devoted to the research and development of our gambling cheating products since the foundation of our company. We can provide customers with the latest cheating products of all types. Take poker camera for example, we have the latest CVK 750 zipper dynamic camera for for sale.
Our latest CVK 750 zipper dynamic camera is the first one in the industry whose position can be adjusted according to the height of the gambling table. It can be fixed on any piece of clothes with a zipper within 30 seconds. Don’t forget to take the zipper camera off when you need to wash the clothes!
The poker dynamic scanning camera has been fixed with a lens module that won’t get hot after a long time use. In order for the camera to scan barcode marked cards, you need to keep it 25 to 55cm from the cards used for the games. Its scanning height is 30cm and its scanning width is 38cm. This camera can work with any types of poker analyzers like CVK 400, CVK 500, AKK K4, AKK K5 and AKK A1, all of which are also available from our company. No need to worry that the camera might be discovered by other poker players since it’s completely concealable.
A poker camera can play a great role in poker cheat by scanning barcode marked cards. If you want to buy a really good poker camera to help you cheat at poker games, we are here strongly recommeding you to try our latest CVK 750 zipper dynamic camera!