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CVK400 Poker Calculator Odds For Texas Holdem

The CVK400 poker analyzer is used for cheating at poker games. The CVK400 poker analyzer has English, Russian, Korean version. Importantly, the poker analyzer has be load in mobile phone, so it has all functions of mobile phone. It is very thick and has two camera lenses. Now I will specially introduce the CVK400 poker analyzer camera lenses in the below.
There are two camera lenses in the CVK400 poker analyzer, and the camera lenses were hidden inside the edge of cell phone. The scanning distance of this camera lenses can reach up about 20-40cm. Two camera lenses scan width is two times than one camera lens, but the distance of camera lens is the same. The CVK400 poker analyzer is more stable than CVK350 poker analyzer. Also, you can use the zoom camera lenses to help you cheat poker games. Our company has button zoom camera lens and belt zoom camera lens. These camera lenses can work with CVK400 poke analyzer. The button zoom camera lens scans the distance about 30-60cm. The belt zoom camera can help you scan the barcode marks within 90cm. Moreover, custom-make camera lenses are available for you.