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Details About Texas Holdem Poker Games

It is known that Texas Hold’em analyzer. According to our customers all over the world, in order to provide the system in different languages: English, Russian, Chinese, etc. There is a necessity to change the original chip. This is the only way to change the language. So please order this product in advance, in case you need it into a different language.
Devices of Texas hold’em analyzer including are list:
K101 wireless stealth earpiece
Setting panel with a screen
Video output device
Speaker for testing voice
2400mah Li-battery
20 decks of plastic cards
Manual in English ( other languages are also available)
Our Texas Hold’em poker analyzer system is operated by only one person and is definitely the best and the most advanced device in predicting the hands of Texas Hold’em. Using this scanning poker analyzer you will be able to know the first winner hand or second winner hand, even the rank of all the players, through stealth earpieces that will transmit you the information needed. Then you can receive the poker result before you made a decision.