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Disappearing ink can be printed on the back of poker cards

Have you ever heard of disappearing ink?

The scene always happened on TV that the magicians conjure a cloth with nothing, or the words appear in some places, are you afraid of them when the horrible scene happen to you especially at night?

There is no ghost exist at all, but some tricks of a kind of special ink, it is infrared invisible ink.This kind of ink can be used in many fields, when it was putted in some places, it can not be seen by normal eyes, but it can with infrared light.

The same principle of usage in poker cards, it can be printed on the cards and then one can see the marks with infrared sunglasses or contact lenses. So that one can cheat in cards games.

Do you want to buy some cards with disappearing ink printed on the back or buy the ink and try to mark yourself? You can contact us because we are the professional producer of those tricks.