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Do not fall down in a familiar way

Hare is a very cunning animal, inexperienced hunter difficult to capture them.

On one snowy day, it becomes the end day of the hare. Because the hare never dared go no its footprints way when it comes out from the its home to feed, it is always cautious, a sign of trouble will be away. But through the section of the road, if it is safe, it will be returned in accordance with the same route. Hunter is based on the characteristics of the hare,and just find the footprints of hare in the snow, and then do an trap, the next morning you can go to harvest their prey.

Rabbit fatal flaw is too believe that they traveled road.

While as a proffessional poker players, who usually have the same disadvantage, they are too believe their poker strategy, but they don't know there are some special poker technology products, for example: marked decks, poker contact lenses, luminous sunglasses, poker analyzer, scanning camera, barcode marked cards and so on.

Because they are too believe their poker strategy, so they spend most of their time on practicing the poker strategy, and they don't want to spend any time to know the poker technology, so their opponents will catch the characteristics of them, then defeat them, and become the final winner.

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