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Do you like Texas holdem Poker Games?

Then chances are you will like casino holdem. Here is why:
Both games are similar in terms of game play. You are given two cards, which you will use with the 3 community cards to make the best 5-card poker hand possible.
So if you are at all familiar with Texas holdem, then you will be at home playing the casino version.
But there is one key difference.
You play against the dealer. You are not playing against the other players at the table.
This can be a good thing. If you have ever played live poker before, then you know what I am talking about. Poker players often take a long time – counting cards, doing math, Hollywooding and hemming and hawing – before they make a decision.
And yet, that is one of the greatest benefits to casino holdem. You are not playing against anyone other than the dealer…and there are very few decisions to make.
We will cover this in more detail when we cover the rules. Just know that, if you are looking for a poker-like table game that is simple and fast, you ought to give this game a shot.