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Emergency Lamp Long Distance Poker Scanning Camera

It is known that, there are too many emergency lamps in public area. And every exit needs this. If poker table is near the exit, it would provide you a chance to use this long distance camera. We have hidden camera lens into emergency lamp. It will scan marked cards very well. No matter how many players are, it also can scan the poker cards.
Emergency lamp long distance camera works with poker analyzer. Our company has many kinds of poker analyzer. You can buy poker analyzer, which looks like a normal cell phone to achieve your poker games. And the distance of the camera lens can scan about 6m. Use emergency lamp, and you can use AC power. The camera can be used all day. It is very high quality product for you. Now, if you interested in the camera, please contact us! By the way, many other poker scanning carmera for barcode marked cards we offer to you as power bank scanning camera and lighter poker scanner.