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Classic Clock Poker Laser Spy Camera

Royal classical clock camera is suitable for poker analyzer or back marked cards. This kind of clock camera is different other cameras. Its power is provided by AC. This hidden poker camera lens can be fixed inside a clock in two different ways.
When it works with poker soothsayer, it is for scanning edge or barcode marked cards in a wide area and the distance is from 2m to 6m. At the same time, the remote controller is a must-have. The remote controller can control for scanning distance, scanning area and scanning position.
When it works for reading marks on the back of marked cards, the image will show on mintor screen , so you need to have some partners. The poker game result will be known by your partners in the background with wireless earpieces. What's more, this clock poker camera is a long scanning distance camera lenses which scanning distance can be reached about 3-4m.