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English Version Playing Cards Analysis Software

Pineapple poker game is a special game for casino and rich people, which is very popular in Europe and North America. In China we call it 13 water, a really funny name. The Pineapple analysis software was designed on the basis of poker analyzer for analyzing the poker result before the cards dealt. This is a useful way where many players try to win. In order to offer you further information about this software, I will share this software at poker games.
Devices work with Pineapple poker software
It is necessary to add a camera lens and barcode marked cards to work with the Pineapple analysis software. The camera lens can be hidden in many items in our daily life such as a mobile phone, a TV, a lamp or a lighter to read the cards without any suspect from other players. With powerful reading function, the camera will read the cards with 100% accuracy at a high speed, and then will send the signal of cards to a computer on background. The computer with Pineapple poker software will show the result in line with your setting.