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Equipments Of Magic Baccarat Shuffler For Casino Games

You cannot believe that you can cheat at Baccarat with the Shuffler. If you are a poker playing hobbyist, you will have a chance to witness the power Baccarat cheating device. That is our advanced magic shuffler is able to help you win Baccarat game easily. I will introduce its configuration at poker cheating as follows.
The shuffler is including a remote control, a shuffling machine with Bluetooth device inside, two cell phones and a computer. The whole operation should classify into two occasions. As for a short distance for operation, just use a remote control, a phone and a shuffling machine to finish. When you play the game, use the remote control to shuffle the normal cards and then one of two phones will match automatically with the Bluetooth that has ability to transfer the cards face into figures (face cards are read as 0) sent to the phone that has the special soft to analyze the figures. Finally, you will know the result.
As regards the long distance, based on the short distance, the former phone we have mentioned above will send the result by texting to the other phone that can convey the figures by USB to the computer which is equipped with Baccarat analyzing soft. Your partner will tell you the final result in the end. Magic shuffler is very helpful and effective at Baccarat game.