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Learning some more poker skills and poker marked cards magic tricks

 It does not have to be January 1st to give yourself a chance to make the most out of your day – and your life.

Every day is a new day and a fresh start to learn, grow, develop your strengths, heal yourself from past regrets or hurts, and move forward older and wiser.

Every day gives you a chance to reinvent yourself, to fine-tune who you are, and build on lessons of what you have learned. It is never too late to change things that are not working in your life and switch gears, instead of thinking in the same old ways, hoping for a different outcome. 

Ask yourself: How do you wake up each day? 
Do you start your day going already feeling pressured and rushed? Do you go through the morning routine without much thought at all, doing what you “have to do” to start your day? 
As a professional poker players, everyday I try to learn some more poker skills and poker marked cards magic tricks.
Here is the example of Positive Intentions: 
“I am looking forward today to focusing on what I am grateful for in my life, rather than what is missing, and express gratefulness to others.”