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Does invisible ink can help you to become to a genius in poker game

The well packed and clean as original marked cards with the matched good quality infrared contact lens, which can help you to become the king of the texas holdem and omaha poker game.
The good quanity marked cards means the packing is new and clean as the original deck, and normal eyes cannot see anything on the back the playing cards.  And no extra ink left on the surface of the playing cards,ink durable can be last one month. 
The good quality infrared contact lens which means it will confortable for eyes, and won't hurt the eyes condition. The contact lens can read the marks on the playing deck very clearly, when you wear the lens, it won't change your eye color.
Good lens and marked cards, also need more practise, get well with the contact lens and marks on the playing cards. After the intersting prastise, you can bring those on the poker game table or magic show, then you can impresive everyone as a poker genius.