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Excellent Button Camera To Read Marking Cards

This is latest, useful and excellent camera! It can scan poker cards immediately, no matter how you put the marked cards. It can also scan poker cards. Wear the T-shirt, and you would win at poker games easily. As a mini spy scaning camera has been installed into the button,it can scanning the marking playing cards secretly.
Excellent button zoom camera can scan 33-50cm area, wide from right to left about 26cm and from up to down about 24cm. You can also change the position of button zoom. It is very helpful for you!  But all the marked cards devices we offered in our company can been customize, so before you take a order, let us know the distance you want.
When the zoom button camera came out, it has sold a lot to all over the world. It is different from old camera. And you can put poker cards as you want.It is very popular among the poker player as it's powerful function.