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Features Of Luminous Shade Marking Cards

NU-concept's 4th generation solution is available in a no-mess felt tip marker/pen applicator for easy transportation which allows
for more accurate marking. Marking a card may be accomplished in a matter of seconds. (When purchased, the NU - concept Luminous Solution comes complete with a marker which will mark 15-30 decks (depending upon size of marking pattern you wish to use), gimmicks for your sunglasses and 37 pages of instructions with photographs - including thoughts, tips and ideas. Quantity discount is available.) NU-concept Luminous Enhancing Sunglasses with a "built-in" filter is also available as an option.
Note: You can not easily make "flash" marking patterns using the marker/pen applicator. An optional solution will allow you to use
Juice Dust (TM) to make "flash" marked cards. "Flash" marked cards are only recommended for people experienced reading traditional Juice marks. "Flash" marked cards are not for a beginer.
All NU-concept Shade solutions has been reformulated to virtually eliminate the risk of burning/dulling the playing card's finish.
"One Step" application because no extra finishing coat is required, even on new playing card stock. Simply write or draw you marking pattern and the solution will dry in seconds. The regular luminous marker is designed specifically for red backed paper cards such as Bee, Bicycle, Aviator, Tally-Ho, Hoyle, etc. If you want to mark other color playing cards OR plastic playing cards, NU-concept advises using Ultra-Luminous technology or you may use N-Dust (Juice Dust). (Bear in mind that N-Dust/Juice Dust will take some practice to learn to read the marks. But, luminous technology and Ultra-Luminous technology uses filtered sunglasses to make the marks easy to read.)