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The correct way is important

I realize that this is kind of the "Well, DUH!" Category. But while it can be trivially obvious as a generalization, it is trivially easy to apply.
A guy I used to play with from time to time in Las Vegas has had a strange habit of making overly large preflop opening increases if, and only if, had pocket aces - in the range of $ 50 in a hold'em game $ 1 / $ 2 no-limit. Once in a great while, he would receive a call or reraise from a pair of kings, but by far the most common result was a cascade of folds. He would happily take the $ 3 blinds, plus maybe a few dollars from a limper or two. He would show his bullets and say something like: "If you want to break this, I'll do it really pays to do it."
He was completely open about the reason for this move: he was tired of losing big pots with axes, so he decided to make literal the old saying, "Better to win a small pot than lose a big one."
The problem, of course, is that the way it has to correct his problem at all to maximize the potential winner of the best starting hand in hold'em. His chosen method is very close to 100% effective to protect him from the pain of losing a big pot with aces. But this should not be the goal. C. His solution was a dismal failure of this metric.

Okay, so if you’ve made the right diagnosis and applied the right corrective, what else is left as a third step?