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Flower Spot Scanning Camera for Marked Cards Games

Marked playing cards scanning system can be installed into various articles, some of them are very convenient to carry. Such short scope distance scanning camera lens like lighter scanning camera system, watches poker card reader, button poker spy card reader is popular by marked poker cards players, and there are also many long scanning scope scanning poker card reader program for user choice, like electronic wall clock scanning reader, fans long term scanning analyzer, even flowers spot scanning poker cheating card reader.
As we know, flowers are necessary decoration for people to beautify the house environment, so flower spots are normal to placed in many sites. If you place a flower spot in the playing cards game table, no one will feel not proper of it, so it is a chance to utilize it to scanning the marked deck of cards to predict the poker games result. The scanning camera lens customize for your own flower spot is in best quality. What you need to do is send the size of the flower glasses to us, we will make a perfect scanning poker readers which with long scanning distance. Before the poker cards game, you can move the flower spot to where you like, once playing the barcode marked cards within the scanning range, it will scan the barcode signal automatically, through voice amplifier, you can receive the game result in secret and fast.
There are other professional magic marked cards devices can be provided by GS, luminous marked cards, infrared marked playing cards contact lenses, ultra infrared sunglasses, poker spy reader, AKK poker analyzer and so on.