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Founier Deck Playing Cards Amazing Magic Trick

The Fournier plastic side marked cards can work with poker analyzer. Now, poker analyzers are widely used in casinos. But whether the marked cards are safe for them is a problem. Because it is very short time for them to play a poker game and they don’t know  the side marked cards can be checked by other tools. It is known that, the edge marked cards need to be cut, so it would find the
problems of edge marked cards by others. Have you ever had this problem? Do you want to win poker games in the casino? Our company can satisfy your needs.It can not be seen by normal eyes. It only needs the poker scanning camera to read the marks.The plastic side marked cards are original poker cards. It doesn’t need to cut the side or polish the edge. It is very smooth.It can work for a long time, and you can use the side marked cards a half month in the opening air.The barcode is clear. You can use very fast poker analyzer to read the side marked cards.If you are a professional dealer or player, you can not find the difference between side marked cards and original poker cards. Have the side marked cards, and you can win poker games safely.