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The culture of poker cards

 Nowadays lots of people show interest in playing poker games. But seldom know the culture of poker cards. It’s said that the J, Q, K each stands for one historical figure in western culture. Now let’s share some information about the Ks.  

Spade K is David, who is the first official King of ancient Jewish – Israel’s Kingdom, and also King Solomon’s father. Michelangelo’s famous David statue is to commemorate King David.

Heart K is Charlemagne, the King of Carolingian Frankish kingdom, who established the empire of Charlemagne and was called Emperor Charlemagne.

Club K is Alexander, King of Macedonia Alexander. He was called as Emperor Alexander by its people and the country he established was The Empire Alexander. He was always wearing the red jewelry.

Diamond K is Caesar, the life time dictator of Republic Roman. He was an outstanding military strategist, statesman in ancient Rome and promoted the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. He was called as Emperor Caesar by his people after his time.