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Fournier EPT luminous ink marked cards

Fournier EPT poker cheat cards

About Fournier EPT poker cheat cards, the effect of red cards is better than blue cards.
Red cards can mark with big font in the middle or small fonts in 4 corners (white or black marks).
Blue cards can mark with big font in the middle (white mark).
In fact, luminous ink that for different colors of playing cards is different, also different environment uses different marked cards juice dust.
When you use EPT poker cheat cards, it is better for you to tell us that which kind of lamps you use; we can do poker cheating playing cards special for your own lamps, which can get a perfect result. Luminous ink sunglasses that can see through cards Fournier EPT, contact lenses that can see invisible ink.

The working principle of infrared marked cards and barcode cards is same as poker cheat cards.
Now Fournier Company doesn’t produce EPT anymore. Maybe don’t have Fournier EPT in the future, because the production right is belonging to Copag Company. So if you want EPT, you can choose Copag EPT, red and blue colors available.

Fournier EPT Gold Edition Playing Cards
Fournier EPT, the official European poker tour, 100% plastic playing cards.
This is a poker-size, JUMBO index deck with unique European Poker Tour graphics on the backs and jokers, plus a special EPT introduction card.
This deck is packaged in a cardboard tuck box with the new holographic security seal, like brand-new cards which are selling in store.
EPT playing cards can be perfect marked, no matter on the edge or on the back, it is one of the best poker cheat cards.

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