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Fournier Edge Playing Cards With Luminous Ink Kit

A perfect poker analyzer should work with excellent edge marked cards, only all of them with high-quality, you can play poker casino games smoothly. Our company can satisfy your needs, all brands of playing cards can be marked with our unique luminous ink kit, the plastic Fournier side marked cards are popular for poker casino.
This kind of side playing marked cards are unreadable for your normal eyes. It only needs the camera lens to scan the marks. The plastic side marked cards are original poker cards. It doesn’t need to cut the side or polish the edge. And it is very smooth. It can work for a long time, and you can use side marked cards at least a half month in the opening air.
Even you are a professional dealer or player, you still can not find the difference between side marked cards and original poker cards.So if you are interested in these product, feel free to contact with us!