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Fournier Plastic Best Marked Cards

As as famous playing cards, Fouriner poker card is one of the best pokers to process as marked poker cards. People always worry that if the marks on the edge side or back of the cards can be discovered by others easily. While professional Fournier magic juice marked cards could release this trouble.

The back marked playing cards of our company is processed with the best invisible ink pen and sophisticated machine to as qualified infrared marked Fournier poker cards. Without the special IR contact lenses or IR sunglasses, nobody can notice any different between the normal one and the marked one. Then users could read the marks of poker points and suits that to play a wonderful marked Fournier juiced cards game.
The other one is plastic edge side Fournier marked poker, it also made from the normal Founier poker, and no need to hurt the original cards, our experienced staff can made the Fournier 100% plastic marked edge side cards with unobservable barcode perfectly, and people can not find it by normal eyes, so this kind of barcode Fournier marked deck cards always need to work with marked-cards scanner reader and scanning system.
The two kinds of Founier Playing marked cards can use for a long time, that you can enjoying the marked poker game more.