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Fournier Plastic Edged Marked Deck Cards

Nowadays, poker hand analyzer is more and more popular, and edged marked cards is a important device to work for it in the playing cards games. Because it is very short time for them to play a poker game, a good quality marked cards is necessary. It is known that, the edge marked cards need to be cut, so it would find the problems of edge marked cards by others. However, the marked plastic Fournier barcode marked playing cards can avoid this problem.
The magic Fournier plastic side marked cards of our company cannot be read by people normal eye, only the powerful scanning camera can read the barcode markings on the sides of cards. Our sophisticated technicians can process the cards skillfully and no need to cut any cards and keep them as same as original one.
The barcode on the marked cards are very clear and can be work with all kinds of poker hand analyzer to forecast the poker games result for layer effectively. The cards are processed perfectly, no one can find any clues from it even you are a professional player. Do you want to have a try?