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Fournier WPT marked poker cards

Through constantly hard working, we learned to create somthing new in poker field. We know that when reading, the characters on the books are printed by printing machine with ink. Even when watching magic show, the poker cards in magicians’ hands are printed with ink, but with special invisible ink. Now that the ink marks are invisible, how can the magicians know the cards' counts? It's because there is luminous ink glasses for reading marked cards used to cheat in poker games or magic shows.

GS is a professional producer of Fournier WPT marked cards, we produce Fournier WPT according to the needs of the development of poker and magic market. We will print marks on magic cards with the best quality ink, I bet the marks can only be seen while wearing our luminous sunglasses and contact lenses. We have this kind of invisible ink and pen for sale, you can buy the pen and make marks yourself, but to be frank, marks made by hands is not as good as printed by marks printer.