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The simple steps for playing poker

And 'wrong to think that it is correctly analyzed the problem and correct molded plug for the loss. We are much better at identifying the mistakes of others than our own.

Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel Prize-winning economist who revolutionized our understanding of how people make decisions. He says: "I am not very optimistic about the ability of people to change their way of thinking, but I'm pretty optimistic about their ability to detect the mistakes of others."

Although he made this principle object of scientific study, it is certainly not a new concept. Two thousand years before Kahneman, we already had the biblical aphorism to be able to see the speck (ie, bacon) in the eye of our neighbor, while not noticing the beam (ie, log) in our.

Write a poker blog a day for several years, I have had many occasions where I have described in detail how I had played a hand, and gave what I thought was a brilliant analysis of what I did right and wrong - just to be brought short by readers indicating important factors or options that were completely escaped my attention. It is human nature.

Go to people whose candor and poker skills analysis respects. Find out if they have something to add to their own conclusions about what went wrong. Carefully evaluate what they have to say - especially if it hurts, because the most important truths about the mistakes that you did tend to be painful and embarrassing. The surgeon can remove the inflamed appendix without you cut pretty deep.

The silver lining of the errors which Livy describes in his book is that when mistakes were then uncovered and corrected, both by scientists who made them or by others who came along later, corrections have led to important discoveries conceptual - hence the errors title "brilliant".

Your mistakes of poker, too, can lead to great leaps forward in your ability and profit, if you analyze the problem correctly, understand the right remedy, and check with a trusted advisor to be sure that you are not only deceiving you themselves. These steps are simple, but are never easy.