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Get Any Number With Remote Control Dice

This is a new advanced technology and new designation of remote control dices, it is not like old style is just one electronic dices board to put under the table and then you can control the dices with remote control. But now it is nice looking dices cups, we have many color of dices cups, such as black color, red color, silver color and so on. And we install the electronic circles in the dices cup, so that no one will notice this dices cups are cheating device.
While how to operate the remote control dices cups? You need a thin stick to press the mini switch to turn the power of electronic circle on or off, and then use the remote control to control the dices which are processed with magnet, so that you can control any dices you want.
As for the dices, no matter what color of dices or no matter what kinds of material of dices, we can process them, such as transparent dices, and 6.5mm dices or 11mm dices is no problem. Any problem you can feel free to contact with us!