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Golden Sunshine Powerful Cheating Wallet Scanning Cameras

Wallet is very important for a man, which not only reveals his taste, but also embodies his attitude towards money. So men are very selective at the time of buying wallets. 

When you playing poker cards or other gambles, would you will carry an elegant branded wallet?  Golden sunshine can provides various kind of elegant wallets which are cheating wallet scanning cameras but no one can find any problem.  

We fixed a mini scanning camera inside the wallet, which can scan the invisible barcode marked playing cards once them into the scanning distance by itself. For example, if users use it when play Taxes Hold’em, the wallet may be placed on table or pocket of users, provided the marked cards be dealt within its detection range, it will scan the barcode marked on the marking playing cards automatically and send the information to the appointed scanning analyzer to analyze the information, finally the first winner and the second winner will be noticed to user by mini earpiece secretly. It is also can be used in Omaha 4 cards game or Omaha 5 cards game.

What is more, the scanning wallet is in good quality so it is very durable, and the camera can be used long time as it is worked by battery-power.