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Good Barcode Marked Cards And Bad Marked Decks

Barcode marked cards plays an important role when you using playing cards scanning system in Texas Holdem or Omaha or other local poker games. However, how to distinguish the good barcode marked cards and bad marked decks?
All barcode marked cards can be identified after scanning, and poker analyzer device will analyze the barcode data from poker camera lens. However, the good barcode marked cards can be scan clearly and accurately, while the bad one will have blurry barcode and the scanner is difficult to scan and may be scan the wrong one. The barcode marked playing cards we supply are all in good quality, they keep the shape of the original one and no one can find any difference from their appearance as well as tactility, while the bad marked decks in market will become smaller and it is easy to be found. What is more, the good quality barcode marked poker cards we supply can be used last for 1 month, while the bad one only can be used some days, even less.
A good barcode marked cards can help you a lot in games, if you are interested in it, contact us immediately!