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GPS Poker Analyzer With Scanning Digital Camera

You can see many kinds of cell phones in the market. How you know the cell phone? Do you think these cell phones only can be used to make a phone call? Maybe, many people think so. But today, I will say no. The cell phone also can be used to help players to cheat poker games in the casino. For example, the GPS poker analyzer is one kind of cell phone poker cheat devices in our company.
How it works?
GPS poker analyzer is one of the best poker analyzers in the market. It has a cell phone appearance that is hard to cause the attention by other players in the casino. With high quality poker cheat device, you can use to cheat at Texas holdem, Omaha (4-card Omaha, 5-card Omaha, 6-card Omaha, 7-card Omaha), Blackjack, Baccarat, Flush and other kinds. It also is an all-in-one poker analyzer which has a HD built-in camera lens. Before the poker game starts, its camera will scan barcode marks immediately and the poker analyzer will decode the information. Finally, you can hear the poker result by mini earphone. Its camera can scan distance is 20-40cm. So if you want to long distance poker cheat, you can use extra long distance camera lenses to work with this poker analyzer.