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If you have great ambition in poker, you can come to the success ealier than others

Chenshe young, he had been hired along with others arable land. (One day) Chenshe stop farming went Tian River high ground (rest), because a long sigh of disappointment and indignation, said:. "If (one day we who) rich, and can not forget old friends ah" workers who smile replied: "you are a person hired arable land, but where\'s the rich do?" Chen She sighed and said: "! Oh, how do you know swan songbirds ambition it."

Cicadas and birds ridiculed it says: "? I rapidly took off from the ground, hit the branches stopped, sometimes not fly to a tree, and began to fall to the ground, why so high fly to the South China Sea it effortlessly." I\'m going to close the Country,It can take a day serving food, the stomach or belly full. Barry go outside, use a night time pounding rice prepared dry food. To go thousands of miles away, we must prepare food for three months before. What these two small things and they know it?