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Green-eyes IR Contact Lenses Reader Poker

IR contact lenses for reading back marked cards are useful and powerful. Most poker gamblers like using it. And if you are green eyes, you can choose our green-eyes contact lenses.
There are three devices to help you read back marks. They are spy camera lens, IR contact lenses and IR sunglasses. But most poker gamblers like choosing IR contact lenses. It could help you see through back marked cards and then know poker points or poker numbers directly. When you wear them inside your eyes, you will fell soft and comfortable. The most important thing is that the secret will not be found by other poker players even they look at your eyes. We have known that different people have different colors of eyes. If you are green eyes, it is safe for you to choose our green eyes contact lenses. It will not change the color when you wear inside. It is amazing product. At the same time, our company sells grey-eyes contact lenses, brown-eyes contact lenses, black-eyes contact lenses and blue-eyes contact lenses.
These are wonderful products to help you a lot. There are other poker gambling products in our company. If you are interested in them, please contact us! Information from cards999!